Wine and Dine: The Perfect Pairings for Your Croatian Sailing

Wine and Dine

Croatia is known for its beautiful coastline, crystal clear waters, and delicious cuisine, but what many people don’t know is that Croatia is also a fantastic wine country. With over 130 indigenous grape varieties, Croatian wines are unique, complex, and full of flavor. And what better way to experience them than on a sailing adventure along the Adriatic coast? In this article, we’ll explore the perfect wine pairings for your Croatian sailing adventure, all of which can be found on

Seafood and Pošip

Croatia’s coastline is abundant in seafood, and the perfect wine pairing for these dishes is Pošip, a white wine grape variety grown primarily on the island of Korčula. Its bright acidity and citrus notes perfectly complement the flavors of grilled fish, squid, and octopus.

Grilled Meat and Plavac Mali

For heartier dishes like grilled meat, Croatia’s signature red grape variety, Plavac Mali, is the perfect match. Grown primarily on the southern Dalmatian coast, this bold and robust wine pairs well with roasted lamb, pork, and beef.

Peka and Dingač

Peka is a traditional Croatian dish made with meat and vegetables cooked under a bell-shaped lid in a wood-fired oven. The perfect wine pairing for this dish is Dingač, a full-bodied red wine produced from the Plavac Mali grape grown exclusively in the Dingač vineyards on the Pelješac peninsula.

Cheese Platter and Malvazija Istarska

Croatia’s cheese-making tradition is as old as its winemaking tradition, and there are many delicious cheeses to choose from. For a perfect cheese platter pairing, try Malvazija Istarska, a white wine grape variety grown in Istria. Its fruity notes and minerality complement the richness of the cheese.

Roasted Vegetables and Graševina

Croatia’s continental cuisine is just as delicious as its coastal cuisine, and a perfect wine pairing for roasted vegetables is Graševina, a white wine grape variety grown primarily in the Slavonia region. Its crisp acidity and fruity notes pair well with the smoky sweetness of roasted peppers and eggplant.

No matter what dish you choose, there is a perfect Croatian wine to pair with it. And with, you can easily order these unique and delicious wines for your Croatian sailing adventure. Cheers to a memorable culinary experience!

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