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Start Sailing Premium Box

Our very own concept of products packed with recipes for various meals you can make with locally produce during the whol week of your vacation time on board. This will save you around 2 hours of time on check-in day or shopping in marina, and you can relax and go easy on your holiday. We would recommend this option for anyone that doesn’t want to do grocery shopping on holidays and particularly on all Saturday departures. in the middle of the season when temperatures and changeover traffic is usually high.
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Start sailing box

Start Sailing Box

Artisan Start Sailing box take the hassle out of your arrival by provisioning onboard a selection of foods most customers would purchase from the supermarket and what would be needed to get you started for the sailing week.

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Artisans Lunch Box

Lunch Box

Explore our proposal, add tasty meals that will bring everybody to the table. Add more fine meat or fish, complete your Start box for lunch.

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Artisans packages Beverage box

Beverage Box

Grab that cold beer, a glass of wine, or something stronger and kick your feet up to watch the horizon & cruise away.

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Artisans packages - Welcome Box

Welcome Box (for charters)

This homemade welcome box has its own hidden secret, which is to surprise the guest with your care and service. Provide the guest with a rhapsody of flavors from our local producers, to start the perfect week. with sweet memories.

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Artisans packages - Utility Box

Utility Box

Don’t you hate it when you run out of toilet paper in the middle of a secluded cove? Simple utilities you will appreciate.

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Meet the masters

chefs & pioneer food stylists!

Experienced chefs Dragan Dragojlovic Gaga and Tomislav Škunca Škuf are two friends who work as a team under the name Styling Food.

Škuf holds a degree in The Art of Styling Food and is the first trained food stylist in Croatia. Following world trends and responding to market needs, over the past few years the twosome has placed special emphasis on food styling. They also do consultancy and training, all within the bounds of the culinary profession. Because Gaga and Škuf are first and foremost – outstanding chefs.

Our consultants, Škuf & Gaga

With their enthusiasm and expertise we created our Artisans box, a perfect blend of food & drinks which creates your table into a journey of Croatia. With it you will receive recipes, an added value of the Artisans box, for 7 meals that you can easily prepare on board.

Bon appetit!

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