Hi everybody!

The story about Artisans of Food and the three of us is intervened with both personal and professional beliefs. The process of starting this business took us a while, a whole decade. Ever since college we exchanged thoughts and ideas on how to express ourselves through work and life in general. Each of us grew in their own direction but we continued to share certain life’s values. We are all passionate about food as well as our beautiful country, Croatia. This passion can also be seen in our intention to spark positive change in the way things are done around us. Food and drinks represent a route through which we want to achieve this change. Our main goal is to deliver exceptional locally produced food and drinks to your vacation.

Nowadays you can get food wherever & whenever, but all of us want to have the “good stuff”, right? We want it for our families and friends and think you should be able to taste it as well. Unfortunately the good stuff is not available to the vast majority of tourists and people in general. Croatia has always been a country with outstanding food, made by various Artisans (of Food). Each of them is telling a similar yet unique story. These usually have shared values, a similar approach to life, food and general way of living. We believe their work should be available for you to experience through your table.
In addition we share a strong belief that by choosing “the local way” you actively support this cycle of production & way of life. The cycle involves you, various Artisans and us who set out to connect everybody. Every time you buy local you send a message for more production. So the cycle perfectly serves as a catalyst to our beliefs. Each part of it is essential and together they produce a whole.
Thank you for being a part of it!

Feel free to contact us for anything that crosses your mind, we’re glad to speak.

Bon appétit!

Artisans of Food

Founding fathers

I am a proud father of two children who like to read books and watch interesting documentaries and tv shows. I love to spend time in my cottage near Zagreb where I grow bees and relax with my family. Two things excite me, exploring the worlds history and new food.
Exploring different cultures and cuisines, wandering around local markets & streets in different cities is my secret sauce for balance & energy in life. Inspiration in my everyday life comes from comics like Corto Maltese, music which makes me move and sports like basketball and hiking.
I find my happiness in my daughter and wife to whom I owe a lot of inspiration and positive energy. Creating something from nothing excites me, especially when it comes to design which takes a large part of my work and interests. If you combine good music, family and friends gathering along with some cooking you can say you threw me a perfect evening
The sea is my never ending inspiration, and naturally sailing is my passion. Years on the boat made my vision of the perfect yacht experience clear so I enjoy discovering cultural, natural and historical sights of Croatia to my clients. I find my safe harbor in my family. My dream one day is to pass my love and knowledge onto my sons and sail the Adriatic with them.

Artisans team

Creativity, hedonism and a good vibe are the words that best describe my attitude towards life. I believe we can choose a job we love and never have to work a day in our lives. I am honored to be part of Artisan and look forward to new gastronomic masterpieces.
Throughout my life rich in different experiences, often atypical for a woman, a few things have never changed. Addiction to sports activities, meeting new interesting people and enjoying quality food led me to the most interesting moments in my life. This company is one of those moments.
As a native Dalmatian, the sea is my first love. Without the sea I can’t imagine life, the sea motivates and inspires me. Years of experience in yachting and enjoying good food and drink encouraged me to expand the field of activity.