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Explore and enjoy Croatia’s
best secret – in our food boxes

If your plan is to have fresh and high quality food od board, we suggest you:

1. Choose your charter and log in

We believe in quality, so we arrange jobs in advance.
Your order can only be processed through our charter partners. Contact your agent or charter to get log in information.

2. Decide which BOX suits you best

All of our locally grown food & drinks can be found in various boxes. Choose one or combine several. All boxes are made in accordance with the norms, so there are no leftovers or excess food. Add your ideal combination of boxes or customize the quantities to create your ideal vacation box.

3. Write down your info

Enter your contact and payment details to ensure delivery at your vacation spot & on time. Choose a simple and safe payment method, without a lot of hassles.

4. Enjoy!

Upon arrival at your vacation spot your Artisan food BOX will be waiting for you on board. Indulge in our products, sit back and relax on check in day
– it’s your vacation time!


Artisans of food?

Benefits for you:


1. Let the food come to you

Your first day on vacation should be spent on relaxing, not grocery shopping.


2. Locally grown quality

We work with the best suppliers and acquire top quality local groceries.


3. One-stop shop

Here you can buy everything you need, utilities included.


4. No hassle no crowds

You might want to avoid visiting various produce stores on the busiest during summertime – Saturday

Our quest



Is to blend Croatia’s gastro and nautical
world for your complete pleasure

Artisans of food were created to fully enable you an experience of what Croatia is. You are here for our coast, our mountains & our untouched nature but your experience of Croatia would be utterly incomplete without authentic Croatian food made by various “Artisans of food”.

Our partners

These are our partners from whom you can order our products for your sailing week

Ban Tours Yachting
Sail Croatia
Master Yachting Croatia
Sun Life Charter
Under The Heavens

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